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Here you will find a collection of white papers, essays, and information releases relating to Global Warming and Energy Efficiency Success Stories. Please refer to the external resources at the foot of this page.

In the interim, it is important for as many people as is possible to be made aware of the potential issues related to the current changes to the climate around the world and particularly here in Florida. This is not a subject that can simply be ignored in the hope that it will go away!

What Can I Do?

climate change floridaAs an individual, you may be concerned that you do not possess any real power to affect how the climate fluctuates on our planet. But that doesn't mean you should shrug your shoulders and pass it on to the next guy.

There are things that people can do when they put a little thought and effort into it. One of the most potent ways of making your voice heard is to shout it loudly enough. To do that it is much better to amplify your voice by joining with the voices of others and forming groups of like-minded folks.

Whole communities can get together united under the collective desire to make the place they live a better one. That can start by taking a look at the way local industry is working to clean up their impact on the environment, or not as may be the case.

Open Your Eyes

Local manufacturing companies, energy producing companies and in fact any industry that consumes energy and produces waste of any kind can come under scrutiny. You may believe that big business doesn't listen to the little guy, but they sure will hear a much more powerful voice of a whole local community that is united in the task of making their town or locality a cleaner, more energy efficient and environmentally safe place to live!

To do that, you need to look closely at how industry uses resources and what they do with their waste product. Take one company at a time and ask questions like:

It's not uncommon to run up against varying levels of "walls of silence" from certain companies that do not want any members of the public to know exactly what they are doing or how they are using resources and dealing with waste. But that doesn't mean anyone should give up at the first hurdle.

Constant pressure from local authority personnel when acting with a community's best interests at heart can make doors open that regular Joe Public may not be able to. Community groups need to be created, officiated and aligned with local authority departments and people who can unite in improving their community.

Persistence pays off!

More Information

We are working to update this page with new material soon. Until then we suggest you take a look at the latest reports on Global Warming impacts in Florida.

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