Florida Climate Alliance

Welcome to the website of the Florida Climate Alliance, which is coordinating a statewide effort to address global warming and to reduce Florida's emissions of greenhouse gases.

the Alliance is working with a coalition of national organizations at the forefront of the global warming debate, led by the Natural Resources Defense Council, World Wildlife Fund, National Environmental Trust, Stetson University, and more than forty member organizations in Florida.

Florida's elected officials need to know that you are concerned!

Our energy future is being decided now! Please take a moment to read about important legislation, such as the Clean Power Act, and then contact your Senators.

Where Are We All Headed?

coal burning power plantOnce a person decides to get their head out of the sand (where it's probably been buried for all these years) and take a good hard look at the potential problems we are facing down the road if we don't change now, the big picture starts to become clear. It takes some power of will to force yourself to even acknowledge there are many faults with the way we produce power and use fuels in our lives and the knock-on effects that will affect us all.

Sure, Florida is only one state and you may think of yourself as just one insignificant person in a population of millions. But all change starts with the individual having an idea and the courage to face problems and to do something about them.

The method and the strategy will be different for each person. But when you consider the effect that one small change can have on things when it starts to have an effect on other things and you'll see that you're suddenly not so insignificant!

It All Adds Up

When one person makes a small change to the way they use power or fuel, the effect on the environment is minimal of course. But when one hundred people make the same change, the effect is multiplied by 100x and when that gets scaled up to a thousand or a million people, I think you can imagine how profound the effect can be.

turn down the thermostatThere are many ways you can make a difference by doing something yourself and then convincing your friends, neighbors and family members to do the same or similar. Take for instance how much heating you need in winter.

By turning down the thermostat just one degree, you save a small measure of energy depending on what your home uses for its heating system yet you hardly notice any change in ambient temperature. When a million people all do the same thing, the saving in energy is staggering!

The same goes for summer and your air conditioning system. By increasing the temperature by one degree, you will barely notice any difference yet save a lot of electricity (and money off your utility bill). Scale that by a million and just think how much of a saving can be achieved!

This is how people can make a huge difference without needing to hassle politicians who aren't in any hurry to help you in most cases. It's passive yet powerful and all it takes is getting the message across to large numbers of caring people.